Thursday, December 27, 2012

27 December 2012 ~ A Month of Reflection

What is the greatest compliment you could give? Are you worthy of the same praise? [Author: Lee]

I took this one on my walk with Gracie this cold late December morning.

The sky a cloudless brilliant blue. The air just cold enough to make my hot tea extremely delicious.

It isn’t easy to narrow down the greatest compliment I could give.


BEcause I am more familiar with receiving them.

That’s a nice problem to have, eh?!

Then I thought some more.

In a blink I realised that my acknowledgments of others, how they make me see something in a new way, or how they make me pause, reflect, and suddenly see something that was completely invisible to me BEfore, that these are the greatest compliments I CAN give.

I think this is true largely BEcause they are the same sorts of compliments or acknowledgments that I receive.

And partially, though NOT insignificantly, they are the ones I often wish to receive. Perhaps from those whose compliment-receiving AND compliment-giving functions have given out altogether.

Sometimes, the greatest compliment I can give is remembering. Is taking a step toward someone. Is BEing Present.

This I know BEcause when others remember, take a step toward, or are Present for ME, I am so mightily blessed.

Compliments are NOT just fluff and nonsense, they are treasures. They are rich with wonder. And received, they linger, encouraging us long after they are given…

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Rita said...

How true! Lovely thoughts, Currie.

The greatest compliment to me is lifting somebody's spirits and helping them see something from a different perspective that is more positive. Touching souls! :) :)