Monday, December 10, 2012

10 December 2012 ~ A Year of Reflection

What are the 10 things I am most proud of accomplishing this year?
What are 10 things on the to do list for next year?

 I was all about making two simple lists for both of these so here's the copy and paste of that earlier morning mission...

  1. Completing what I started [up until today] with 366 Daze of Grace.
  2. Working all the year through [up til this week] on A Year With Myself.
  3. Selling GraceLand and making that $ last me from April until December [still some left!!!]
  4. Changing my eating practises and the foods and drinks I eat and drink.
  5. Walking. Lot and lots of walking. An almost overnight loss of weight and inches.
  6. Learning how Digital Fiddling + my art + my words can work so Beautimously!!
  7. Participating in Creative Every Day, Photo Art Friday, Artist’s Play Room, and Texture Tuesday. Also ICAD2 & Daily Paper Prompt & Art Every Day Month 2012.
  8. Eliminating my debt and learning to live on MY fixed income.
  9. Talking with Timmy each and every week for a YEAR as of Now!!!!
  10. Really Letting Go of stuff & things as well as FEELINGS & ways of thinkingandfeeling that don’t serve me or anyone else at all.


  1. Continue my Daily Creative Practise.
  2. BEgin DOing Meaningful Work where I can really Make a Difference AND the money I need in addition to SSDI with the Ticket-to-Work Program helped by VR + SAF.
  3. Find fun, simple, easy, and effective ways to let my art pay for itself + allow me to GIVE to people, places, and things which I BElieve in and want to support.
  4. Participate in 2013 Year of the Giraffe and go to Art Camp for Women for my 60th birthday celebration of ME!!
  5. Publish 366 Daze of Grace.
  6. Build relationships with people who get me and enJOY DOing what I enJOY DOing [so we can DO things together, even if at a distance!!!]
  7. More walks on the beach, more quiet time meditating & visualising, and LESS worryhurryrush.
  8. Take care that my lappie is always happy, healthy, and working optimally. 
  9. enJOY what I have and enJOY having less stuff and MORE experiences, moments, and connections.
  10. Live each day with an open heart and keen mind and lots of love and laughter.


Anonymous said...

You are so inspiring. I just ended my teaching career today because I am ready to 'move on' what I am unsure...but I am very excited.

Rita said...

Great lists! :)
I write out a goal list every year. I don't call them resolutions--just a kind of guideline of goals--projects and new things to see if I can get around to trying--LOL! You remind me I have to start working on my list for 2013. :)