Wednesday, December 19, 2012

19 December 2012 ~ A Month of Reflection

When did you cry? [Author: Kaileen Elise]

It is strange to think about crying. Crying is a sad thing.

And yet…

MayBE I am NOT looking at it in quite the right way.

MayBE crying isn’t just when my eyes leak.

MayBE crying is when I open my heart to another’s situation and circumstance.

MayBE crying is what I feel deep inside me when I read something that is written just wondrously.

MayBE crying is when amazing JOY BEgins to dance in me.

MayBE crying is knowing one day I will walk a path similar to the one my friend is walking today.

MayBE crying is when I look around the Wee Cottage and see evidence that I LIVE here.

MayBE crying is discovering that I am the one who is standing in my own way.

MayBE crying is how I explain myself to me.

MayBE crying is the way through something that makes no sense at all to me.

MayBE crying is where I go when I am simply undone by someone’s generosity.

MayBE crying is writing or making art or making Gracie’s breakfast.

MayBE crying is when I hear my dad’s voice on a voicemail.

MayBE crying is when someone who is no longer that someone for me writes Thanks, you too.

MayBE crying is daring to LIVE in the World without armour or any defensive posturing…

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Rita said...

How beautiful!
I cried today because I got another unexpected gift for Christmas! Good tears of amazement and wonder and joy! :)