Tuesday, December 25, 2012

25 December 2012 ~ A Month of Reflection

At this point in the year gift giving is everywhere. What is the most memorable gift, tangible or emotional, you received this year? [Author: Holly Root]

The most memorable of my gifts this year were all things I allowed.

That sounds strange, I know. It seems that no matter how wonderful it is to receive a gift, unless I allow myself to receive it isn’t really able to BE what it is.

Allowing myself to receive the gift of talking with my son each week. How did I “allow” this one?! Simple. I called him, sometimes many times, and eventually we connected or he called me back.

Allowing myself to receive the gift of BEing a part of something bigger than just Gracie and Me living quietly in the Wee Cottage. How did I ”allow” this one? I let my neighbours, in particular my front house neighbours in. How lovely it is to have done so.

Allowing myself to discover the JOYs of  simpler living. How?! I Let Go of my car. I Let Go of thinking I need something or must DO something. I allowed myself to experience the wonders of Enough. What Is. What Is NOT. And perhaps most of all, What Is Possible. What I never EVER would have imagined. NOT EVER!!!

Allowing people IN. Through this blog and 366 Daze and well, so many ways. I no longer experience loneliness. Instead each day there is meaningful connection. And BEautimous friendship…

Wondrous gifts all…



Anonymous said...

Although I haven't been commenting much I did want to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed each of your posts in this series...you are truly an inspiration and a gift.

Rita said...

Those are the kind of gifts that are truly meaningful in life. Wonderful! :) :)