Thursday, April 3, 2014

Quirky Selfie for Photo Art Friday April 2014

Life's often a puzzler...

This is a photo I took in San Jose in April of 2009.

It was fun how it had my name + my last initial, so I played.

Now, 5 years hence, I found it makes for an excellent "selfie" launch pad.

[And it's "quirky" too.]

And, after a week in hospital and Now one recuperating, this was right up my digital fiddling capabilities alley for this month's Photo Art Friday.

I played with the photo one time:

Having explored overlaying some of the quotes I found in a nearby folder in my photo stash:

Since both seemed to signify new ways I am BEing Currie since 2009...

Then I tried some digital fiddling with some different layering over:

BUT... it was NOT so "different" so I decided to crop the CURRIES bit to make it stand out just a bit more. 

All the values seemed to BE running into each other and same with my brain making creative connections!!!

About this point I was wondering if this even makes any sense, so...

I stopped.

Looking forward to "meeting" others "quirky face-to-quirky face" tomorrow!!

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