Thursday, May 1, 2014

Using My Words ~ Photo Art Friday May 2014

I write a LOT. Perhaps I even write too much. 

I wonder if there is a program for this?!

I canNOT imagine how I did NOT always write like this, but realising that lets me understand some other stuff.

Writing is very healing. And clarifying.

And as much as I love it when my writing touches someone or resonates with others, I have to say that I don't DO it for that.

NOT at all.

Although, I DO sometimes have one of my "regular" readers in my heart or mind when I write.

I suppose it is the connection piece [peace?!] of writing.

Or something.

And so it is with that springboard that I approached this month's Photo Art Friday

I am a collage artist, or at least that is what I used to think, and when I first tried my hand at Digital Fiddling, pretty much the coolest [and only] thing I understood was Picasa's collage feature.

So I left this month's theme for "last minute," even though Bonnie was so encouraging about working on it throughout April.

April kind of got swallowed whole for me. I was diagnosed with lung cancer and all I seemed to have got done was to keep "following the bouncing ball" of tests and procedures and doctor visits. 

As May dawns I realise that the more Life changes the MORE Life changes. All I am EVER DOing is following the "bouncing ball."

Things look good Now. I had a long afternoon yesterday with a radiation oncologist. It is pretty awesome what he is able to DO with "digital fiddling" of another sort.

Anyway... the photo art. 

Every morning I get up BEfore the sun and write for a few hours. I make a piece of digitally fiddled art. I share a small bit of my writing and my digital fiddling on my Gratitude blog, I Love You, Currie

These little bits of art are made from photos, drawings, collages, mail art, paintings, and sometimes nothing more than words on a background or texture. Whatever they are in the World, they are my intention to give back what I have been so freely and generously given.

For a long long while Now I have been DOing one word and building my posts around that. It is fun. It is like a game. It is like eating M&M's. Even at that morning of the hour!!

I have always loved the encouragement, Use Your Words. It's probably something that I was NOT encouraged to DO so much, but... ;~D

When I was fiddling about earlier, wondering what to DO for Photo Art Friday, I considered digging up some of my old photo collages and tweaking them with the things I know to DO Now that I didn't know to DO BEfore.

But I got sidetracked DOing my April backup and started to get another idea from my April posts.

I should USE MY WORDS!!

And so, here, without fanfare, a selection of my words from April's Gratitude in a collage. 

I tried it a few different ways. It was really fun. I could have gone on. [and I probably will, once the merry-go-round stops]