Saturday, December 22, 2012

22 December 2012 ~ A Month of Reflection

Did you discover something that surprise or delighted you? What was it? [Author: Lee]
I'd have to say that discovering the bend and curve of My Life without 4 wheels has been one of the greatest discoveries of 2012. [and perhaps my entire adult Life]

Granted I canNOT go back and re-live the decades of my utter dependence upon motor vehicles, but I DO know that I always toyed with the notion of Life within walking distance, and I LOVE IT!!

Funny enough, this is my response Today, after an impromptu trip to Costco with my front house neighbour!! I realised that today was only the second time since 6 April that I have been inside a car as vehicle.

I can simply NOT imagine another time in my Life when I would have had such clarity about a very everyday thing.

The reason this surprised and deLIGHTed me was that I had simply been willing to DO this fairly large thing to get my expenses to STOP BEing greater than my income. And frankly, I hadn’t even considered BENEFITS to BE so plentiful or myriad.

The loss of enough weight and inches that my entire wardrobe is pretty much TOO BIG. And the realisation that I don’t NEED so many clothes.

Strength that I haven’t known or enJOYed in decades, simply BEcause I walk so much.

Happiness as walking heals me of most of my depression.

A deeper appreciation of what I DO and DO NOT eat or drink.

The pleasure of deep and restful sleep BEcause my body needs it and my mind goes along!!!

Recognising the difference BEtween Need & Want and feeling neither deprived nor superior to have a handle on them both.

An most blissful acquaintance with Enough. It is like I’ve completely rewired myself and WOW!!! I never realised how addicted to MORE MORE MORE I was.

Yes. I knew I was making a BIG Decision. What I couldn’t have known was how that one Very Big Decision  would make so much Possible.

It’s nice sometimes, BEing surprised and caught unaware…


Za faran said...

Wow! How right you are! Even though I know 'more' is actually 'less', this post came as a great reminder especially when the whole world is going in for MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!

Rita said...

Not having a car seemed like trauma, but turned out to be such a financial relief for me, too. Love your list. Merry Christmas! :)