Sunday, December 23, 2012

23 December 2012 ~ A Month of Reflection

Have you had any alone time this year? Do you seek it? Does it make you comfortable or uncomfortable to be left alone with your thoughts? Where is the best place for you to be comfortable by yourself? [Author: Lee]

Alone has BEcome my new normal. And I like it. More than I could EVER have imagined. Astonishing.

I used to BE utterly undone by aloneness. It wasn’t so much the loneliness that undid me, but the lack of an[y] OTHER[s] to focus on.

For all of my Life I remember feeling Alone Time was punishment. Was too bad so sad, deal with it and get over yourself already!!!

No more.

I cherish my Solitude, which is what it feels like to me, Now, Alone Time. I love to write and paint and colour and draw and digitally fiddle with photographs and paintings.

I love to sit and look out the window. Or take a walk. Or simply BE.



Listening to the depth of one moment.

What I noticed this year, more than ever BEfore, is how stimulating [in an overly sort of way] other people and time spent with and amongst them is for me.

Now I prepare myself for it and give myself sufficient time AFTER it to recoup, balance, rest, and refresh my Spirit.

I don’t let what other people DO or DO NOT DO upset my apple cart. Or at least so much as I did… And when I DO, I am able to talk myself in off the ledge and gently help me back down.

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Rita said...

I have always been very comfortable alone since I was a child. Being alone does not mean I am lonely at all. Most of my delights were solitary--reading, writing, creating. Lucky for me, as I ended up basically housebound these past eight years. I am never bored and quite content. I am lucky. :)