Tuesday, December 18, 2012

18 December 2012 ~ A Month of Reflection

If you were to be brought a bouquet, what flowers would you want it to hold? Colourful? Monochromatic? Traditional? Modern? [Author: Lee]

At the risk of BEing called hopelessly corny, I have a bouquet in mind that can BE picked and will keep its splendiferous colour and fragrance forever. [and until the day after that]

The flowers? Well let me name them alphabetically…

Abundance. This keeps budding and blooming no matter the weather.

BEauty. BEauty has so many shades and hues. All feasts for the eyes and wonders for the soul.

Creativity. Curiosity. Compassion. Lots of these scattered in amongst the rest.

Dreams. Happy ones. And ones that make us a little bit sad. DeLIGHT.

Encouragement. Ease. Oh, and Enthusiasm. Such amazing little wonder-flowers.

Fun. Lots and lots of those. And definitely a stem or two of Focus.

Gratitude. This one’s amazing. You just look its way and it multiplies it gorgeosity!

Healing. Hope. Happiness. Humility. What can I say?! Always want those blooming round me!!

Inspiration. Imagination. Oh DO these smell exquisite!!

JOY. Of course.

Kindness. Simple and sweet those flowers.

Love. Obviously. Laughter. LIGHT. Learning. Essential picks.

Magic. Meaning. And this rarest of all, Making a Difference.

Nonsense. Nearness. Nurturing. These will always hold a bouquet together.

Originality. Openness. And the little one with the BIG voice… OH YES!!!!!

Patience. Power. Peace. Prayer. Praise. They speak for themselves.

Quiet. Questions. Can always count on these to BE just right.

Rare. Remarkable. Remembering. I like the way these make my heart sing.

Song. Story. Sweetness. Silliness. No day is complete without these four.

Trust. Tenderness. Time. The only ones I will want MORE of & completely enJOY just as they are.

Useful. Unique. Underneath. Upside-down. Funny names for flowers, yes, still, have you ever???!

Vision. SEEing that doesn’t always depend on eyes.

Wonder. And a few Weirdos, too.

X-ray Visuals. These let me see deep in that part of my heart where the pain still hides and hurts.

YOU!! I always want a few stems of YOU. And YOU!! And yes, YOU, too!!!

Zen. This one is a little unusual, like the Zebra. But still… I want my Zens in there for sure.

Laugh if you will. I don’t mind. Your laughter will make my bouquet all the sweeter.


Terrie Purkey said...

Aren't you clever? Your bouquet holds all the best flowers in the garden and while some might think it would present a jumble, a riot of color and scents, I think it is a delicious mix of just the right flowers!

Jeanne said...

Think that your bouquet is just lovely!

Rita said...

That's a truly unique bouquet!

My favorite bouquets were when Leah went to the florist's shop and picked each of the dozen roses one by one in all different colors for me for Mother's Day! She has done this a couple of times. What a beautiful sight! :)