Thursday, October 3, 2013

Photo Art Friday 4 October 2013 ~ Sky

Playing on a new playground today... I have moved, well at least I am Here Now, in Arizona, though NOT yet in our new abode, nor is there much of the Just Enough Stuff with me, so I am learning to play on this wee Chromebook.

This first is a crop of one of my collages from 2011 which has a window looking out onto a swing. I liked this bit of the image and the way digital fiddling made the sky more mysterious and full of autumnal colours.

I also like that this particular Peace of Sky reminds me of the sky Gracie and I bid a goodbye to at the beach last Friday morning, just at sunrise. This is the fun of the sky. It is everywhere we go and anywhere we are. It often looks markedly the same or different from one place or person to another. As for me, I like its mystery and transformability.

This next one is another sky from another time... Imagined. Cobbled together. Created simply to share with you. Today...

I'm cornfuzzled about whether you can see it or enlarge it to see it, mostly BEcause I am NOT yet familiar with the way to work on this wee Chromebook, but it's a fun fix thanks to a moon I got one night in 2010 and some magic from Bonnie's texture [I canNOT figure HOW to go back and find the name... so I am NOT risking it ;~D Right Now!!] and Pixlr Express.

I have missed fiddling about AND I am absotively posolutely loving that I am having a bit of a techno-fast this month. A little goes a long way and none is also just fine...

Looking forward to seeing what you've all been up to, too.

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