Friday, December 28, 2012

28 December 2012 ~ A Month of Reflection

We all surround ourselves with the things we love. A few favourite things – a blanket, a lamp, a piece of art, a chair, a lovey – something inanimate that brings us happiness. What do you have in your personal space that brings about happiness? What is the story attached to it that has it in your sacred space? [Author: Lee]

I love this prompt BEcause it ensures me that I have indeed changed. On a deeper level than I’d originally set out to DO. In ways BEyond my wildest imagining.

When I moved back East I deliberately looked for a small place to live. I wanted Gracie to have a yard, I thought privacy would BE nice, and I hoped for a space in which I could FEEL at home.

At first sight, I knew the Wee Cottage was the Wee Cottage. AND… I knew it was Home. It was clearly a divinely inspired thing.

I even remember looking at it online and laughing to imagine myself living in 300 square feet!!!

Now?! Now I canNOT imagine living anywhere else.

I have had things, and I still have things, but it is NOT the things that make themselves so special or valuable to me.

It is the “stories” they tell.

It is the passages they remind me of.

It is the way they cause my heart to smile and sometimes laugh uproariously.

It is the way they encourage me.

The way that I am lifted up or simply transported when I see or think about them.

Everything here is in plain sight. Nothing tucked or hidden away.

I like that. It’s a small space with cherished things and one very big heart.

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Rita said...

My place is twice as big as yours, I think, but it sounds like we both have homes that just plain are our sacred space. :)