Sunday, December 9, 2012

9 December 2012 ~ A Month of Reflection

What was your last act of spontaneity? (Author: Lee) 

Spontaneity is one of my favourite flavours. It goes well with all the Right Things. It is funny. I have FUN with it. 

It's also a neverending supply. I know. I've done tests...

And yet...

2012 has taught me is that Discipline is how I bring more Spontaneity to Life. 

I find this to BE Very Cool Beans.

Living how I live Now, I'd have assumed less Spontaneity would BE part of the cost. So much of what I DO and when I DO it is routine, daily, and habitual.

Yet every single day overflows with deLIGHTfull Spontaneity.

On a Morning Adventure with Gracie today I heard a sound I couldn't name. It was fairly clear where it was coming from, but I had to SEE it to BE certain.

It was a squirrel. 

And I don't think squirrels DO talk, I mean, in Squirrel, of course, same as birds DO, but out loud so I'd hear.

Yet here I was seeing, hearing, and challenging my assumption.

MayBE this is a silly example, but for me it is spot-on.

BEcause of the way we nearly always go, Gracie and I see that squirrel every morning. 

I stopped, walked closer to the tree. And that squirrel looked at me, opened its little squirrel mouth, and exclaimed something. Loudly. Urgently. Clearly!!!

I like that things like this matter to me. That they register. DeLIGHT.

This is Spontaneity in action. 

Opening my mind. 

BEing curious. 

Letting Life amaze, amuse, and oftentimes confound me.

Never EVER a dull moment here...

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Rita said...

I just love squirrels and how they chatter and scold. So cool! :)