Monday, May 28, 2012

Amazing Blue Luminary

This is a collage I made for my friend Jen's birthday, LAST November [2011]. It has lived propped BEside my bed and Now it is framed in a floating frame and hung on my wall. I'm sure we'll get together soon... ;~D

When we first met, online, I knew her as "Blue" and while Now, since I moved to South Florida, we are practically neighbours, I still see her all too few and far BEtween...

I saw this Collage Obsession Weekly Challenge and decided I'd like to play. How amazing the timing of the BLUE, too!!!

Thanks to Michelle V. Alkerton for introducing me to this Challenge!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

For Sally

For Sally
This is a photograph of a painting I made as a goodbye to an extraordinary woman. 

I started out with a photo of a chair in the sand [another chair was next to it] and then I played with it awhile in Picasa and the Picnik that remains part of Picasa & Google+.

Meanwhile, I prepared my 5"x5" canvas and grabbed the words from a line in this month's poeming I DO each morning.

As this is my first time DOing Photo Art Friday, I am NOT so sure HOW-TO DO it, but realise I am NEVER sure HOW-TO DO things until I've done them, especially "wrong" which often happens!!

The horizon idea seemed to both inspire and focus me. I've added it to this BE Currie blog BEcause here is where I have put other similar pieces, and it seems like a good spot for my combined digital and sticky, messy, painty art!!!
Photo Art Friday