Monday, December 17, 2012

17 December 2012 ~ A Month of Reflection

What in your current life or context provides the spark for the future that you want to create? Where do you see your future beginning? [Author: Lee]
I have a confession. I don’t BElieve in the Future. Perhaps that seems weird well into this month of reflection. Surely one mining the Past for treasure can see treasure ahead?!

What I DO BElieve in is Right Now. This Moment. The Present.

Really, the Future is never EVER what I’ve imagined. It’s always BEyond my reach. Impossible to grasp.

And yet…

BEing a good sport, determined to reflect and fully embracing the gifts within my year-ending look back, I will say that I see much that is possible in that place called “the future” which will, always and forever, remain just BEyond Right Now.

I see that writing and BEing heard, read, and reaching far BEyond my own tiny pond might BE something along the road of My Life.

It is happening, Now, quite without my intending it to, Right Here, in this blog where, really, I’ve only shared my art up until Now.

I see the hint of deepened connections. NOT through Facebook or Twitter, but through shared serendipity, the very thing that brought me to blogging in 2012.

It is happening, Now, through my daily reading and responding and following links, connections deepening NOT where I’d expected, instead where I’d never imagined.

I see more daring and boldness from me. In particular letting my art BE a reliable vehicle for me to make a real and lasting difference in this wondrous World I live in.

It is happening, Now, quite out of the blue and deLIGHTfully so; where and how I’d least guessed.

There is a “future I want to create” even if I don’t BElieve wholeheartedly in The Future. Does this make sense or nonsense?!

I want to create a future where there is collaboration, cooperation, and encouragement.

I want to create a future without fear, anxiety, and the heavy mantle of regret, or simple unadulterated shame.

I want to create a future in which each one’s strengths harmonise with every other’s weaknesses.

I want to create a future that gives without needing a receipt, any acknowledgement whatsoever, and absent any sort of scorekeeping.

I want to create a future of Enough.

I want to create a future with Hope in glorious abundance.

I want to create a future driven by and running on laughter, hugs, and BEing with each other, however that looks or happens.

I want to create a future held together with love, dreams, JOY, and imagination.

I want to create a future to heal each and every single solitary one of us, and remove any feelings of exclusion we’re still carrying or might actually NOT even realise.

I want to create THAT FUTURE.

Anyone else in?!


carol l mckenna said...

You are one 'enlightened woman' ~ Love your art work ~ Happy Holidays to you ~

(A Creative Harbor ~ aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^

pauline said...

oh Currie, this was fantastic. I'M IN! I'M IN!! :-)
Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. Yes, i could relate to so many of these. i agree with Carol. You are one wise woman. ((HUGS)) xox

Unknown said...

I was impressed reading your post. Every aspiration mentioned on your desire to create a better world struck a chord with me! And, I read the profile description - it is wonderful too!