Saturday, December 29, 2012

29 December 2012 ~ A Month of Reflection

Imagine that you can view yourself from above. Watch carefully. What are you doing? What are you trying to accomplish? As objectively as possible, are you going in the right direction? [Author: Lee]

A curious prompt this one…

Mostly I say so BEcause I have recently started to step outside myself and observe me BEing Me. I have chosen to look from different vantage points, but from above, I don’t think that is one.

So on our walk this morning I tried it out.

I noticed that I have mayBE looked from above and just NOT called it that.

What I AM sure of, however, is that I don’t think there is a “Right Direction” NOR DO I BElieve I can call it “right” or “wrong” no matter how objective I might BE.

I know I am going in MY direction. In fact, lately I have been acutely aware that much of my movement and BEingness is unknown to me until I can look back on it.

I am sometimes quite caught up in realising that I am glad I paused.

I am relieved that I did NOT push.

I see where I got lost in WANTING and TRYing.

Most of all, I realise that I am neither in charge of my direction nor at its mercy.

I cooperate.

I explore.

I notice.

I go along, or sometimes I DO NOT go along.

I get interrupted and later see that as a gift.

I can say I have followed myself in a “wrong-for-me direction.”


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Rita said...

I think you are following your very own path. Each of us has our own--with bumps, weeds, mud, cracks, boulders, fallen trees, whatever. And sometimes it's the yellow brick road and we're skipping along with flowers, sun, and blue skies. I think it's true that there are things that can't been seen clearly except from the perspective of time. What an interesting prompt. :)