Wednesday, December 5, 2012

5 December 2012 ~ A Month of Reflection

Who have you taken for granted? Write to them a handwritten note expressing how you truly feel about them. Then mail it. I promise, it will be the best gift they ever receive, or you ever give. (Author: Lee) 

I thought I was sure of WHO I would write this note to. 

What surprised me was realising who else I take for granted and never really acknowledge.

I have assumed there would BE time.

I have said it wasn't important.


But I was wrong.

Life is Now. Right Now. And gone in a blink. Doesn't come back. No rewind.

So, as I thought today of worthiness and people I take for granted, it dawned on me that I needed to let ME know how I truly feel about myself.

Despite EVERYthing I've turned upside-down and knocked over, I have grown into my awkwardness. 

I have changed myself from the inside out. I am consistent in my willingness to go the distance, however far, however difficult the path. 

I listen and I care. 

I've BEcome the sort of friend to myself that I've always longed for but couldn't cultivate since I never thought I was worth anyone taking that kind of time.

While I can't write myself a note and then let myself receive it "out of the blue," I can change the way I put me LAST on my list of acknowledgements.

I can change how I think and I can stand in what I feel.

Without apology.

Without shame.

With just a wee bit of awe.

And much love.


Anonymous said...

Oh this is good!!!

Anonymous said...

you are a very wise woman, Currie. Wish I could have some of your abilities of dealing with things and thinking about it.