Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 December 2012 ~ A Month of Reflection

What activity or event brings you the most joy? How will you bring more joy into your life next year? (Author: Lee) 

I find that it is the littlest and sometimes most unexpected things that give me the greatest JOY.

The way Gracie tucks her nose down in her paws when she is in a deep sleep.

The kids in the front house greeting me gleefully home from some errand or other.

The dark of the early mornings when I wake up and BEgin writing.

Seeing the CallerID saying Timmy.

When Gracie drops and does her roly-poly in the grass in front of the bank. [this one also brings JOY to drivers at the light… I think she almost does this intentionally just for that!!!]

Arriving at the bus stop and seeing the bus on its way!!!

BEing here when the phone rings and it’s my dad calling from the rehab and I was supposed to still BE out walking with Gracie but my pain turned us round for home early.

Reading the comments people leave on my blogs, realising that what brings me JOY to write brings something similar [or completely different] to someone else and they took the time to tell me about it!!!

Looking out the window and seeing the squirrels running across the top of the fence with treasures in their little mouths.

Thinking about when we had the BIG RAINS in August and I was wearing my poncho to walk Gracie and Jack [age 5] asked me if I had any clothes on underneath there. [Jack’s questions generally bring me JOY. I love his bodaciousness!!]

Seeing the way Gracie can melt people who in her presence can completely lose control of their BEing a grown-up or a too-cool-for-school kid and get into her exuberance. In a blink.

Resonating with something I read online. Something that seems destined to have touched me.

Hearing some song on Pandora that transports me Somewhere Entirely Else at just the hint of it.

The silence and quiet of my Solitude.



Cutting things up to paint with.

Imagining good seeping into the marrow of the entire World.


A shower after yard work or a long walk in the HOT.

A hug.

Another hug.

Hugs. [far too few of these, my only complaint about the solitary Life]

Laughter. Mine, always, but sometimes others’ laughter just sends me into my own uncontrollable and totally divine laugh attack.

Catching myself in a conversation with Gracie, filling in both sides, and someone else hearing me DOing so.

I’ll continue this JOY-generation by CHOOSING to in 2013. I CAN DO that.

I know. For sure.

Yes, BEcause I have done studies!!!

[they are too real studies!!!]

stop laughing at me. laugh near me. and give me a hug, okay?!


Kia said...

What a beautiful positive post! :)

Anonymous said...

If you like Pandora you WILL LOVE "Spotify"!!!

Rita said...

Ah, a woman after my own heart! there are endless small moment day in and day out that bring me joy, too. All of your list made me smile. (I wish I could see squirrels here--they are such a delight.) I think joy comes easy for you, too. Makes life worth living!! :) :) :)