Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Life's Leanings #1 Show Up Early

As I lean JOYously into 2014, I am exploring some of what I HOPE to fan the flames of this year.

Show Up Early. 

That seems silly at first. 

Haven't I always tried to BE On Time?! 

Didn't it always make me more than a little crazy when I ran late?! 

Well, this year I think I will explore earliness. 

See HOW I CAN Serve Life by Showing Up Early.

It helps that I don't have much in the way of places to BE at set times, but whenever I CAN I will let this idea [or mayBE it is an ideal] stretch and grow me some.

I remember coming in to work early. 

I remember treating someone to coffee as their eyes just opened.

I remember BEing in the Right Place at just the Right Time BEcause I dared to BE a little earlier than necessary.

BEing someone who Shows Up Early might BE quite an adventure.

Bring it ON!!

1 comment:

Kim Stevens said...

I love the thought of exploring earliness! alot!! I think I shall explore it a little too :)