Thursday, January 23, 2014

Life's Leanings #23 Focus on Solutions

I am changing. 

Little bit by slow bit and one day at a time. 

Sometimes it is deliberate. 

Others NOT so much.

And then there are the like swimming up a waterfall changes.

Ever since moving into the Wee Casa, I have been seeing the half-empty.

I have judged and critiqued and, well, judged and critiqued...

The other day, quite by "accident," I drew a line in the sand for myself.

Instead of seeing the problems I am looking for solutions.

Not THE solutions, just solutions.

It is having a remarkable trickle-down effect on my entire outlook.

While if may have been nice to know this BEfore, I'm glad I DO Now.

It sure makes it a whole lot easier walking round in my own skin...

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