Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Life's Leanings #7 What's Wrong With Right

While I am NOT the sort of person who HAS TO BE Right, all the time, I have to admit I prefer BEing Right to BEing Wrong.

In fact, as I look back a Very Long Way in that Rear View Mirror of my Life, I sort of wince at how often I was firmly planted in BEing Right.

No. Matter. What.

Now I know that there is little "better" about BEing Right.

In fact, I find BEing Right is often the very most WRONG thing for me.

Like eating something I KNOW does NOT agree with me, going on ahead, just this once, with BEing determined to BE Right usually leaves me with a dizzy and bloated feeling of What WAS I Thinking?!

BEing Right is, in fact, NOT what drives JOY or Happiness or even something so simple as contentment. 

BEing Right drives Control.

BEing Right drives Indifference.

BEing Right drives Compassion and Kindness Right Out The Window.

I understand that ego and the desire for power and a whole lot of other heady things are wrapped up inside BEing Right, yet I didn't realise all the hidden costs of these things.

So this year, among other things, I am going to STOP myself whenever I have that BEing Right Thing going on inside.




Long and deep.

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