Thursday, January 2, 2014

Life's Leanings #2 Uncomplicate Yourself

I am Very Skilled at making things complicated, BEginning with myself. 

There you go... We grow, we learn, and we come to understand ourselves.

A little.

Then a little more.

Up until Now, I have been mighty reluctant to shift this tendency.

I have wanted and grasped at complications. Oh, NOT that I saw the things I was wanting and grasping at as complicated. They were just what I wanted. Or thought I needed. Must have. Couldn't live without.

The key to my deciding to lean in toward uncomplication has been seeing the utter BEautimousness of empty time and space. Lots of wide open space on a calendar. NOT needing a calendar. Or a clock. 

I am someone who forgets [or simply does NOT think about remembering] my cell phone. Regularly. 

And I still have a land line. 

Which is my primary phone number. 

And the only one I give out. 

[although I admit that I have had 5 different telephone numbers since September... perhaps a sign of my yearning for complication?!]

Many years come January I get all gung-ho to take on new adventures. 2011 was all about that. Oh My... Just about makes my brain cramp to remember that.

NOT so this year. 

I enJOY my uncomplication-laden Life.

I LOVE BEing so simple I don't NEED a cell phone or to BE aware of what time it is. Or to hurry. Rush. Get it ALL all-done.

I don't even have a To-DO List. My Life's simple enough that I don't even need a grocery list. [except when I am DOing my mum's grocery shopping]

I'll BE honest though, I used to think BUSY meant BETTER.

I used to think that if I had a jammed full emailbox and so many things I was BEhind on or needed to catch up on that it meant I was living the Good Life.

Now I prefer the quiet and emptier way. I choose it. I cherish it. I know I am seriously blessed to have it AND enJOY it fully.

When things get hurry hurry rush rush [and they DO, sometimes, after all, I DO live in the World] I get slow slow breathe breathe. I stretch. I dance a little. Move my body. Smile. Look at the clouds. Or find an odd shadow dancing somewhere.

I used to walk on the beach, but there's no beach here, so I walk where I am and I find the beachness of it, smack in this desert and concrete little city. There are water things near enough by to pass for "beachness" and Gracie has taught me, too, that you must find your JOY where it is. 

She's smart that way. 

So, how can I uncomplicate my simple little Life today?! 

That is a question to lean into.

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