Friday, January 3, 2014

Photo Art Friday January 2014

I went all the way through the past 5 or 6 months "THINKING" I knew the word that should accompany me in 2014. 

After my year with Enough, on top of another year, and a Leap Year at that, of Discipline, I was pretty sure of myself.

SERVE. Service. Serving. Servant. This was such a given I didn't even know I was making a huge assumption about things BEyond my grasp.

After all, I have moved back across the country once again to BE of Service. To my mum. To this multi-generational community, Hope Village Arizona.

Of course, SERVE was the word for me.

And then in those very last days of December I BEgan to feel something itching at me that I just could NOT scratch with my Thinker.

I asked about it on my Gratitude blog one day. And I prayed, meditated, and slept on it.

Lo and BEhold I woke up Sunday morning with the word BRANCH dancing in my birdbrain.

I could see its utter rightness straightaway. 

Same as Discipline and Enough, BRANCH came to me from somewhere else. 

And that is what I think a word needs to DO, at least for ME.

I have always loved trees and have the same sort of relationship with them as the one I enJOY when I am watching clouds. 

There are so many possibilities for Hope in branches, in trees, really, but the branches are really the dancers. 

Go ahead. 

Go gaze up at a tree Right Now. 

See what I mean?!

So here, at just the 3rd day of 2014, is what I have to share with all the lovelies here at Photo Art Friday

It's only a hint. 

A whisper. 

And a BEautimous BEginning.

Pixel Dust Photo Art


Ida said...

It's a wonderful beginning. I think that "branching" out in life is a great way to begin a New Year. Your piece is so colorful and uplifting.

Happy New Year!

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Ah ... you listen to your unconscious and it serves you well. I think 'branch' is one of the most intriguing words I've come across. So many possible meanings and prompts to action in that word! So colorfully illustrated by your image. Certainly indicates you are branching out to embrace lightness, brightness and joy!

Andrea Dawn said...

As usual, Currie, your narrative makes me grin from ear to ear with delight. I think we must be a lot alike as so much of what you say resonates with me. I love that you listened to that itch and waited for the answer. Your cheery image evokes excitement in me for what you will share in this year called "Branach".

Miriam said...

Happy New Year! So glad to have caught up via Bonnies Gallery. I haven't been able to join in since it went monthly and I miss it. I'm glad you have settled into your new place. I love the possibilities in your word and your picture is just wonderful, the colours are so bright and full of hope.