Friday, January 10, 2014

Life's Leanings #10 Right For Right Now

I've been alternating BEtween working on and avoiding a thing. Since midway through November. Since I finally had a mailbox and address here.

Yesterday I took it in hand a little more fervently. 

With intention. Without resentment. 

I still got stuck in that place where I'd stopped BEfore, but this time I took some more deliberate action to move what's blocking things.

I think.

Could BE that when I look back on yesterday once this is all sorted out, I will see that I wasn't so All-In as I am making myself out to BE.

Oh well.

I used to BE a very driven and DO IT NOW sort of person when I moved. Which I did a LOT. Have done a LOT in my Life. And yet Now I am more relaxed. I enJOY the process of moving IN and making my HOME more.

There was a time, actually many times, but I digress, where I HAD TO HAVE things DONE BEfore I would draw a happy breath and BE glad of having a new place to call HOME.

That was pretty unpleasant. And worse, it was NOT just ME alone moving. 

What I DO Now in my Life, pretty much from the moment my eyes open in the pre-dawn darkness of my mornings, is remember Right Now is all that I have. 

And that makes it better somehow.

DOing what is Right for Right Now has BEcome my M.O.

As well, DOing what I CAN for Right Now.

I canNOT make systems and companies and most anything BEyond my own attitude change.

I would DO well to remember this as this year unfolds itself. 

Right For Right Now.


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