Monday, January 20, 2014

Life's Leanings #20 Build Bridges

It is always easy to disagree.

It is never fun to BE disagreed with.

But sometimes my always and nevers get cornfuzzled.

And then I realise: Ahhhhhhh... bridge-building time.

I'm the sort of person who ALWAYS returns my shopping cart.

Or holds a door. Even for a line of folks.

But I am rarely keen on BEing disagreeable, whichever side of it I am on.

So I am making it a priority this year to build bridges.

To stay open to other perspectives and possibilities.

Rightness and Wrongness are no longer sitting at my table.

Just ME, opening and connecting and building bridges.


Rita said...

True. When you are judging right or wrong and doing things because you have judged something good and you want to be a good person so you do them for that reason...then you might miss the joy of doing things just for the joy of doing them. That inner checklist can really get in the way and build walls instead of bridges. I know it did for me. And I still have to watch myself closely for that checklist. ;)

Unknown said...

I agree that building bridges is important!