Sunday, January 5, 2014

Life's Leanings #5 Experience Softens and Transforms

Sometimes I am so sure of myself that I am like an old shoe.


NOT always.

I have had a visit from my friend Pain the past two days. 

I know these visits are fewer and further BEtween Now, yet I still seem to react in the old way.

This visit I have surprised myself and my friend, I think, BEcause I am NOT resisting. 

NOT pushing back. 

NOT calling names. 

NOT, well, NOT DOing what I have always done.

It might still BE too early to call, but I think my friend Pain and I have turned a corner. 

We're BEcoming better acquainted. 

We're coming to accept one another. 

Perhaps we have even grown to love each other, in a peculiar yet extraordinary way.

I have always resisted. 

Attacked Pain BACK with "pain-killers." 

NOT this time.

This time I am softer. 

I am more understanding. 

I see that Pain often comes to me when I need to stop. 

NOT just slow down a bit. 





Accept this is a part of BEing me.


I'm Here.

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