Sunday, January 12, 2014

Life's Leanings #12 Some Missions Are Meant To BE Impossible

Sometimes I BEcome aware of something that seems like it was something I already knew, but I am only just really "getting it" in the part of my brain that "gets" stuff.

Sometimes things appear in Life that are NOT meant to BE altered or "fixed" or even made over, just a little bit.

Sometimes Life is just going to BE Life and that's the end of the story.

Sometimes this is going to frustrate me, GREATLY, and that's just going to have to BE fine.

One of these things is imagining I can change what has happened. Change what I did or said or didn't DO or didn't say.


Clocks only imagine they are "turned back" when we re-set them. The truth is that Time goes on, and even something like Daylight Savings Time is all up in our heads...

This is a helpful realisation, even if it is a little frustrating.

Sometimes I CANNOT DO what I CANNOT DO BEcause it CANNOT BE done.

Got to love when it knocks me right upside the head like that.

Mmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmm...

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