Thursday, January 16, 2014

Life's Leanings #16 Let Go of Finishing

I love that I can just sit here in my Wee Casa and enJOY the wisdom, occasional nonsense, and myriad writing gifts of others. People I'll likely NEVER meet in person yet feel a connection with BEyond what I can wrap words round.

So here again, today, I am borrowing inspiration from the wonderful good stuff in my Feedly. 

I was reading about what happens when OVERWHELM starts to rear its ugly little paws and snatch away the moments. It was mighty resonant. I have often FELT overwhelmed, yet this morning I realised that I am, well, YES, I am making that choice.

One of the brilliant suggestions was to Let Go of Finishing. I thought about that as Gracie and I wandered round our wee walk this morning. 

Finishing. BEing Done. Completion. These are wonderful things and also they can and DO really mess with my mind if I am overly focused on them.

I have been a bit nostalgic for some of 2013's remarkable and fun adventures. I have wanted to dig into "finishing" one yet I noticed my reluctance was driving the bus.

Oh well...

So, yesterday I did Something. I did it by a "deadline." And I did it the best I could. It was NOT a finishable project anyway. But that little action helped the overwhelm to tuck itself away.

I am going to think on this idea more. NOT finishing. NOT having unkind and arbitrary rules running me.

I went back and reread what I wrote yesterday. It was in no way a finished or complete assessment. It was a slice of JOY and Enough.

Anyway, I also know that no one is going to holler and shout YAY!!! if I cross some frivolous "finish line." That's all happening up in my brain and y'know, I don't think it's all that anyway.

So this year I am leaning into Letting Go of Finishing. Allowing Life to breathe and BE.

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