Saturday, January 4, 2014

Life's Leanings #4 Answers Aren't Always YES or NO

Sure, I know this, but I haven't really considered BEginning from that idea. 

I mean, why DO I always make the assumption that an answer WILL BE 
"Yes" or "No?!" 

I am learning there are myriad possibilities. I am retracing steps that show me where I got off on the wrong foot.

When I think about what I want to lean into in this New Year I sometimes laugh out loud at myself. 

I mean, it is just a new day every day. 

Am I NOT always trying to live and learn from it?!

What I am going to lean into more is that there is a vast and BEautimous spectrum of Possibilities in this World. 

When I go at Life like the only tool I have is a hammer, I am just going to pound the poop out of everything.

Instead, let me consider that I have a box of paints. 

And rather than choosing red or purple or mayBE a nice turquoise, how about seeing what happens if I mix this one with that one?! 

And then, when they are dry, what happens when I add another?!

It is NOT a huge leap, but I have sort of lived as though the only answers to my questions were Yes or No. 

I have actively hated it when someone said, "We'll see." 

Give me a YES or a NO and somehow that is better?!

So here I am leaning into whatever may BE. 

Into NOT knowing. 

Into We'll Seeing...

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