Monday, January 6, 2014

Life's Leanings #6 Making It Fun

There are a LOT of things in Life that aren't "fun" Fun. But, if I make the tiniest effort to shift that, amazing things can happen.

Spending time with Pain is one. I'm pretty sure that nobody finds Pain to BE something to Yippeee about and turn cartwheels to celebrate.


Without much effort at all, I have made this visit from Pain one to remember.

One with laughter.

One with silliness.

And especially, one with kindness.

All it takes is a simple shift in thought, in feeling, and response.

No, it does NOT take the pain of Pain away, but it does bring something quite a bit nicer to the party.

Instead of groaning and complaining and fretting, I spent the weekend quietly, DOing things I enJOY, drinking lots of tea, and finding reasons to smile.

And here I am, Monday morning, feeling okay about the Pain that is still with me.

What made it fun and what is making it fun might look completely different next time [and no, I am NOT BEing a pessimist, just a realist] and still, I have this foundation to BUILD on.

That's all I am saying. Just a new place to BEgin can make A LOT of Difference.

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