Friday, January 17, 2014

Life's Leanings #17 Try Something New

That seems on the face of it rather easy, but here's the thing. I sometimes BElieve that I canNOT DO a thing any way other than I have always DONE it.

Still, the past few days have taught me that if I'll try something a little different than what I tried BEfore, what I DID BEfore, I just might find things change. Easily.

For me, Pain is one of those things I get really reluctant, even downright resistant to trying to manage in another way. 

And yet... guess what?! I am trying little things that I have NOT done BEfore and so this experience is different.

It is rather simple. And yet it does NOT come simply. It hides and camouflages itself. It has me convinced that I canNOT change what I have always done BEcause What If????!!

So it's only a little thing. Only a minor tweak. And I am NOT sure, yet, if it's better or NOT, but it is different. And different is often enough.

Try something new. BE ready to BE amazed.

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