Sunday, January 19, 2014

Life's Leanings #19 Carry Your Own Lifeline

It never occurred to me that BEing independent, as in dependent on no one other person [or persons] would feel so good.

I excused my dependencies in myriad ways [and bought each and every one, hook, line, and sinker]. 

And then the "Financial Support for Currie" plug got pulled. 

I wasn't expecting it but I knew enough to know it was a possibility.

Yet I never saw what it was costing ME until a good while AFTER that plug was yanked out of the wall.

I felt I must give reason after reason and get agreement and approval from whomever was providing financial support.

I was well into my mid-fifties and still feeling I needed permission to BE.

Then there was the whole way I didn't really know what was REALLY essential for me to live my Life.

Sadly, I really did NOT know how much I had simply ALWAYS taken for granted.

I live much more simply, sparely, and JOYfully Now.

I am carrying my own Lifeline.

I answer Now to ME, no one else, and oh my who knew that could feel so good?!

NOT that I didn't appreciate the support when I had it, just that I really didn't appreciate it until I had only myself to "pitch" my ideas to.

I had a nice Life and I am grateful, no question, to parents, spouse, partner, and even my son for the help they have given, but thank you even more for saying NO...

I can lean deeply into this Lifeline Now. 


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