Thursday, December 19, 2013

Life's Lessons #19 BE Gentle

How hard can it BE to BE Gentle?! Sometimes very. Or so it seems to me...

I mean to BE a gentle person but I often come at things like the only tool I have is a hammer.

I can BE Very Unkind when I don't stop and think BEfore my mouth flaps on with words that, once out there, need a lot of work to forget.

It happened just yesterday. I was in one instant kind and gentle and even a little bit funny in BEing so sweet. And in another rude, hurtful, and totally inappropriate.

I know so many people who have lost people so dear to them in the past year. It kind of comes with the territory, you know, BEing human, but it has been catching my eye a LOT more than it ever did.

MayBE it is harder to BE gentle, but it is NEVER wrong. That's the sort of straight no chaser thing I can really live by.

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Jeanne said...

Love this lesson that you have shared. Mostly, i think we need to be GENTLE with ourselves. Hope you have a lovely christmas season