Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Life's Lessons #4 BE Cheerful

Much as I have been very Eeyore-ish throughout my Life, I find that Life is just simpler when I choose to BE Cheerful. NOT that I am saying I stuff my iggy and yuck feelings and just put on a happy face, just that I am finally realising that BEing Cheerful is a whole other kettle of water bugs.

I am learning a LOT about CHOOSING who and how to BE since moving. I love my quiet and solitude, but it's entirely missing somedays. Oh well. I can still BE Cheerful. And kind. And approachable.

BEing Cheerful is a lot less effort than I'd considered. It doesn't require near the amount of energy BEing a crankypants does.

BEing Cheerful is even fun. And laughing [or simply smiling] seems to add to rather than take from the World. 

BEing Cheerful helps others to raise their game, too. It seems really hard for others to BE all grumpy and cross when I am Cheerful.

What amazes me about BEing Cheerful is that Life is far better than my old Eeyore-ish self has been telling me all these years. 

It's NOT so big a deal as somethings, but I am going to roll with it from here on out. I am going to reach for Cheerful BEfore I rely on Eeyore-ishness. 

That's it. That's all. See you here tomorrow...


Rita said...

You can choose what you spread around. So very true!! I do think it takes more (and heavier) energy to be grumpy. :)

Terrie said...

Yep and Yep! Sometimes you have to fake it to make it and once you "fake" cheerful a bit, then it becomes a habit, then it becomes who you are. Cheerful people are the kind of people others want to be around; you'll draw more of the right kind of people to you. I've always been an innately 'glass is half full' person, quick to laugh, and my husband even more so. It makes for a pleasant household!

I love this series you're doing - making me think, learning a bit more about you, making you think, etc. Good nuggets in every post.

Terrie said...

I wrote this long, wonderful comment and then blogger ate it! Can I remember what I wrote? Nope? Guess it wasn't so profound after all. :)

Basically I was agreeing with the benefits of living a cheerful life. Sometimes you have to fake it to make it if it's not in your nature. But the more you fake it, it becomes a habit, the more a habit, the more it becomes ingrained and then it's who you are.

I've always been a 'glass is half full' person and find that optimism, cheerfulness and a positive attitude make my life a joy!

I'm so enjoying this series of yours - learning a bit more about you, being thoughtful and evaluating myself in your words....thanks for the inspiration!