Sunday, December 29, 2013

Life's Lessons #29 BE Still

I can often BE a fart in a skillet. I can scatter my energies and burn my candle at both ends and in the middle, just for good measure.

I don't have much of a To-DO List anymore, but my head is often full of what I have planned and what I need and what I want to accomplish Today, This Week, This Month, and so on.

Things happen that set me on edge. A quarrelsome conversation on the phone. Letting someone "get on my last nerve" and then drawing colourful highlights all round the situation. Eating too much and the wrong things. Drinking the same. Having a just this once attitude which ends up biting me hard once "this once" is long BEhind me in the rearview mirror.

If I don't spend enough time BEing and I spend most of my time DOing I know I am headed for a crash, boom, and very ungraceful fall.

I am a person who used to hate to BE alone with herself but also closed herself off from others and so constantly was baiting my own hook, so to speak. [no wonder I never fell in love with fishing...]


Right Now.

I am learning the value of just BEing Still.

NOT scattering energy, gathering candles, or putting heat under the skillet.

NOT making lists or plans or any of that sort of thing.

Letting Life BE Life even when it stings, burns, or pulls me so tight there is nowhere for the air to get out.

Making Time for BEing and NOT DOing the explaining it to anyone dance.

Relishing my Alone Time and loving that I so enJOY Solitude Now.

Many things are better with this tiny adjustment. 

BE Still.

That's what I've learned today.


Jeanne said...

isn't it interesting how life is such a school? Don't think that any of us really graduate, although each day is a new learning experience.

Rita said...

I know whenever I start feeling scattered, ungrounded, unfocused--I need to stop and go inside to connect and I guess it always involves slowing down until I am still inside. Wonderful post! :)