Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Life's Lessons #10 BE Able To Change

I'm well aware that Life is Change. It is also opportunities and possibilities. And it is, I suppose, but a dream as the song says.

Yet the BIGGEST single thing is that Life is Change. Change is also Life. 

Day by day by day I DO many of the same things. I write. I share Gratitude. I make art. I listen to other people and their ideas, perspectives, and insights. And all of this, every single thing and all of them rolled up into a big bundle are evidence of Change.

I change my thinking when I hear things that I didn't think about that way, but which I think are quite brilliant when they are presented to me. For instance, a TED talk I heard yesterday gave me an entirely new perspective on something I thought I had set my mind about.

I change my feelings or I let my feelings change when I am able to tell someone, out loud, that I am Right This Minute feeling X, Y, or Z. In sharing the bubble of whatever's got me spinning I come to a stillness. I don't remember this UNTIL I DO it. Again. And again.

I change my actions and my BEhaviours when I notice that I am getting any sort of a result that doesn't work for me. It helps to KNOW this is the key to making a change and NOT just a kick in the backside for the heck of it.

Somedays I really DO want to have things all sewn up and tidy. I want things settled and clear. 


Just as soon as I fall in love with that idea I KNOW I am heading for a Change or three.

So today I am remembering that in this entire year up until Right This Minute I have been both a Changer and Changed. I have had everything sewn up and then ripped and scattered to the winds. And I have thought and felt and acted and BEhaved in ways that I NEVER imagined I would. [or could]

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Kim Stevens said...

Beautiful, brilliant, thought provoking....I loved it!