Sunday, December 1, 2013

Life's Lessons #1 BE Intentional

I've been thinking I'll close 2013 with some reflection and affection. It has been quite a year for me, and I'd NEVER EVER have BElieved you if you told me I'd BE Here Now. [Except, really, it is impossible that I could BE anywhere else.]

BEing intentional has been a theme for me in 2013. MayBE there are more complicated reasons for this, but I think it's BEcause I say YES and NO and don't feel compelled to explain further.

In the BEginning of the year I started to seek out intentional communities where I could live. It was extremely frustrating for months, and then my Life kind of turned upside down when Gracie and I got attacked in late March by two dogs who were NOT BEhind a locked gate.

I realised then that I needed to make some changes. I needed to NOT BE so out there on my own; I needed to find a "community" where I could ADD and BE of Service. And I needed to learn how to live among others again.

BEing intentional has brought me here, even to Today. And a good day it has been, all round. I realise that one thing I've got better at in 2013 is deciding to DO or BE or HAVE whatever AND following through with the action[s] required.

Life is far from perfect, which is fine. I don't want perfect. I just want to live simply and BE of Service wherever I CAN BE. Somedays still I get wound up and decide that MY WAY is THE WAY. I get impatient and edgy and sometimes a bit mouthy. But the thing is, I CAN and I DO change that, with Intention.

So that's a Life Lesson from 2013. BE Intentional and Change, Accept, and roll with the river. Don't look BEyond my own air space. Change myself BEcause it is the only thing I really CAN [or should, for that matter] change.

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