Sunday, December 8, 2013

Life's Lessons #8 BE Teachable

I've been taking the morning slowly. Reading the many posts in my Feedly. Amazed at how brilliant people are. How much I learn from people I will likely NEVER meet in person.

Somehow I convince myself I know enough. I certainly HAVE enough. I definitely DO enough. But the KNOWING enough seems infinitely intrusive to me. 

For instance, I was reading a post about how Christmas has BEcome this pretty hot entitlement issue. Well, of course that is NOT what the blogger wrote, but how I interpreted it, for me, Right Now, Today.

And I was reading about someone who is a really splendid human BEing who came by her splendidness through a World of yuck. That sort of thing makes me wonder if I'm really Here yet. You know, the Here which is the Where I Was Going When I Set Off?!

I also read about a couple things I am involved with, deLIGHTed to see the work others did, totally content that we each interpret things in marvelous ways.

Whenever I DO one of these long reading sessions, but sometimes even when I keep up daily, I realise I don't ever EVER really know enough. I think I DO, especially when someone is on about something I "get" pretty much.

Today I am turning that round to BE Teachable. Let the World and its marvelous inhabitants BE my teachers. See for a moment through another's eyes. Experience things in a way that is uncommon. Or simply BEyond my own experience.

There is a large chasm BEtween what I KNOW and what I can Learn. This is the most amazing thing to me about this World online. It's Right Here. At a moment's notice. Even sooner!!

I may well know enough, but I intend forever to BE Teachable.


Sherri B. said...

Very thoughtful words...the older I get, the more I realize how little I know!

Kim Stevens said...

Oh my, Currie, I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved this post. So many good things, good thoughts here. I don't think we ever really know enough, especially of each other generally in this world. In the blogging world, though, I think that so many people are willing to be open, and vulnerable, and THOSE are the teachable, learnable moments for all of us when we allow ourselves to be open right back, to absorbing. xo

Terrie said...

This topic pushed one of my buttons - happily so. Identifying (and admitting to ourselves) that there's always more to learn, to know, is such a gift. Whether the learning takes place in a classroom or online, in your back yard or from an offhand comment from a friend - all that info and awareness is all around us. I thrive on learning new things, I hunt for new things to try to absorb, to learn....let's always try to keep an open mind and heart so when a teachable moment appears, we're ready! :) Thanks - AGAIN!