Friday, December 13, 2013

Life's Lessons #13 BE Ordinary

Most days I want to make a difference. I want to DO what I CAN DO and I especially want to DO what ONLY I CAN DO. 

It is NOT the stuff of legends that makes the sort of difference I want to make. It is the Oh So Ordinary, Of Course, and WHY NOT stuff I'm talking about.

Today Gracie and I are going to walk around one of our walking loops and I will pick up every poop that is sitting there freezing and hard on the rocks. If this sounds a bit TMI or even just plain yucky, so BE it. 

Every single time I am out walking I see un-picked-up poops. I've listened to the noise BEtween my ears long enough. I am going to DO something about it, something that DOES NOT have anything to DO with complaining or rolling my eyes.

It is easy to BE self-righteous. Doesn't take much at all to BE indignant. And it's far nicer to BE the person who ALWAYS picks up her dog's poop than to BE the one who couldn't bend to DO so, who had no bag, or simply didn't see.

It is easy to judge and make up a story. And I much prefer BEing the sort of someone who always has bags and the intention to clean up after Gracie. 

But there are other people who don't see things the way I see them. I know this BEcause oftentimes I canNOT find one single other person who sees what I see the way I see it.

I don't mind that I am NOT well-known or recognised or even a little tiny bit famous. I prefer to BE ordinary. I prefer to inhabit my Life out of the spotlight. I actually enJOY BEing someone who would go out with the intention to pick up all those poops she's walked past, shaking her head, one too many times Now.

Sometimes I wish to BE extraordinary. 
But given the choice, I'd choose BEing Ordinary. 
Every. Single. Time.

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Rita said...

Hurray for you!! I will pick often up the trash in the hallways or outside on my way to the dumpster. haven't picked up dog poop, though. ;)