Monday, December 9, 2013

Life's Lessons #9 BE Accurate

Moving one's Life from one state to another can BE tricky. There are all sorts of things to consider and it's really helpful when you get it right the first time. Or at least after the first time when you realise you've got it wrong.

Or somebody has got it wrong!!

Last week I spent a LOT of several days on something that I was getting wrong. I'd got it wrong BEfore I moved. I got it wrong for 10 days after moving into my Wee Casa. And Now I've got it wrong all over again, twice more.

It's still in progress [or I hope it is progressing and NOT regressing again] and should BE sorted out by this week's end.

A large part of the problem is NOT only that the Right Hand doesn't know what the Left Hand is up to, sometimes the hands themselves have no idea what pie they've stuck themselves into.

Although I have moved so so sooooooo many times in my 60 years, I always promise myself this will BE the last one. [clearly I've NOT learned that I have no control, really, over this at all]

I have just spent 15 minutes going over a billing that is totally wonky. And BEcause of the first wrong thing above, I canNOT simply dive into straightening this one out. So I have to wait. Wait and see...

One thing is for certain, I need to BE accurate and get things in writing. I need to stop BElieving what people say BEcause oftentimes they don't DO what they say and then I end up feeling like a ninny for BElieving they would DO what they said they would DO.

Part of living a simpler Life, as well a minimalist one, is NOT having lots of stuff to manage and juggle. Or at least this is true for ME. I am simply tired of having to take care of so many balls in the air. 

I know, too, I don't NEED to have all those balls in the air to BE living a simple and minimalist Life. I learned a LOT from my last move BEfore this one that I really can live without an awful lot I just assumed was essential.

I hope to come back here with a renewed sense of trust in the promises of others. And I hope this happens this week. I'm working on getting it sorted out that I simply have to wait on this one. 

For Now...

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Terrie said...

I've been so caught up in your words with my other comments that I always neglect to mention the art that accompanies the words. Each one is similar yet different - a great series. I like that I can't identify how you created all your striking layers, just that I enjoy them - the strong color, the strong type....good work all around!