Saturday, December 28, 2013

Life's Lessons #28 BE Generous With Love

It is NOT rocket science, you know, this love thing. I know I can turn it into something as complex as brain surgery, but it is really NOT a thinking sort of thing.

I have been under the impression, most of my Life, and I am sure there are many who can attest to this, that Love is scarce. It is fixed. It does NOT have room for waste. It can BE burned as easily as old paper.

BE Careful With Love. That I understand. That I practise.

BE Generous With Love?! Now that uses an entirely different batch of muscles. 

It means that I must love without knowing if my love is returned.

It means I must give without knowing my love is received. Or appreciated!!!

It means I must love first. And when it is inconvenient. And when, well I suppose whenEVER!!! 

It means I will love without having any good reason to love.

It means I won't get to cherry-pick the recipients of my love.

But here's what I know. What I learned this past year. Over and over and over again:

Love is Generous with ME.

All those things I wrote above I learned by BEing loved. Generously.

So Now I am choosing to BE someone who is Generous With Love.

It might seem a LOT. Might BE way BEyond what I BElieve I can "afford." 

But there you go. BE Generous With Love.

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Terrie said...

OMG -I LOVE this! I've never quite thought of it like this or from this perspective.... eye-opening! I'm not a particularly introspective or "deep thought" person, so these nuggets you share are so insightful and so appreciated! Happy New Year!