Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Life's Lessons #17 BE a Little Surprised by Yourself

I'm a pretty good one for developing habits and practises that support me. I'm far from excellent in this department, but I have REALLY grown in my capabilities this year.


Last week I was meeting with someone I am looking forward to working with and getting to know better in the year[s] ahead. We were having the best time discovering things about each other. I remember walking home feeling a little like I was walking on air. Ever since I have been having little epiphanies and ah-ha moments. It's been really nice.


Last night I got really impatient. Well, actually yesterday afternoon. One minute it was Gracie. The next it was my mum. NEVER, NOT once, until the middle of my night's sleep did I step up and take responsibility for my own attitude.

Instead of going back up to Mum's for a glass of wine, I excused myself from dinner with her in the dining room where she lives and walked home. It was a humbling walk and I was sort of grumping along all the way.

When I woke about 2AM, my stomach was DOing the grumping. Without realising it I sort of ate my way from getting home to falling asleep. And I have been really REALLY EXTRAORDINARILY EXCELLENT about NOT eating past 7 o'clock.

So sometimes I surprise myself. Works in the good ways and in the NOT so good ways. But I am learning that sometimes the greatest of Life's Lessons is one that involves opening my heart a little more to loving myself with all my flaws hanging like tinsel on the tree...

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