Monday, December 2, 2013

Life's Lessons #2 BE Silly

Silliness is an essential Life Skill. It is right up there with learning to say YES and NO. It makes Life bearable and sweet, especially when the poopstorms are blowing in and through everything.

I never realised how much I had eased silliness off my plate. Gradually. Over long stretches of Time. Until one day I did NOT miss it BEcause I had gone so long without it.

Today I am BEing Silly. BEcause I CAN BE. 

I am taking on the giggly attitude of my 5-year old self and the ohmygodicanNOTstoplaughingandNowthereismilkspurtingoutofmynose self. 

I am going to laugh, out loud or quietly and just to myself, no matter what anyone says or does. I am going to replace every cranky and judgmental thought with a smile. A realisation that I am NOT so different from anyone else.

I am tired of BEing sensible and acting like I am a grown-up with a pinched scowl and lots and lots of noise running through my birdbrain.

I am going to hop and twirl and dance with my smile all day long.

I hope you will BE Silly, too. However that looks to YOU.


Terrie said...

OMG! You are an inspiration. Be silly? Who, me? I definitely have a tendency to "act my age" and lost my silliness gene years ago. Can it be reactivated? You've inspired me to try to excavate it! :)

Terrie said...

Oh, and I love your life lessons page - fab colors/layers!

Catharina Engberg said...

Long time no see Currie! :D Wellcome back!
I wish I could be laughing like you right now, but unfortunately life isn´t that nice to me for the last 6 month. So it´s kind of difficult to bring that smile on my face. I hope that I can get to that point again sometime in the future. I am happy for you Currie!

Rita said...

Being silly is highly underrated. :):)