Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Life's Lessons #24 BE Aware of How You CAN BE

I've spent a LOT of Life BEing in a fog. Looking away. 

Refusing to take responsibility for my actions and reactions. 

I have been a Very Good Blamer. I am an extraordinary Grudge Holder.

And Now?! Well Now I am learning How I CAN BE.

How I CAN change my attitude in a blink.

Which way is the choice.

How I CAN stand up for myself, listen to myself, and NOT have to wait for someone else to make it okay that I AM Who and How I AM.

Christmastime is challenging for me. 

But only BEcause I say so.

THIS Christmastime is fresh as new fallen snow.

And so CAN I BE.

It's good, BEing aware of How I CAN BE.

It gives me Hope and then more Hope.

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