Saturday, December 14, 2013

Life's Lessons #14 BE a Connector

There is something that occurred to me recently, about telephones, about an oft apparent assumption that we BE available, 24/7/365. I may BE taking this to an extreme, but it's one of those things that makes me want to break glass.

Now that we have the technology that can keep us connected all the time and everywhere, practically, rather than choose to utilise it we expect that everyone else is playing by this same rule. [assumption?!] We are put off when our calls go to voicemail. When someone doesn't have texting capability. When an email [which we KNOW shows up on another's iPhone] goes unresponded to, whole stories are woven of this...

I've been round and round the block about my telephone connection since my move back to AZ. I am so determined to live within my means that I have been working this way and that to NOT need to BE on my brother's cell phone plan. To BE able to have ONE number which I can turn off when I am asleep. Or meditating. Or painting. Or, yes, even writing.

I have had no less than 5 different telephone numbers since the end of September. And you know what?! I don't DO the phone much. I don't have email access or texting capability on my cell phone. And I don't want that to change. REALLY.

What I know is true for me is that just BEcause I can receive a call or a voicemail, I don't NEED those things to BE in effect 24/7/365. What I want is to BE connected. To BE able to connect. To BE reachable and to respond when, for some reason, say sleep, walking Gracie, or writing, I canNOT answer a phone call.

I am NOT ranting here. I am just saying what is true for me. I fully endorse everyone's ability to choose what they prefer. 

And while I really DO NOT always understand how my calls don't get answered or even returned when I have spent time with whoever I am calling and KNOW they have that phone with them 24/7/365... I make room for their freedom to choose.

Writing, here, for instance, I suppose is a little like making a call, or BEing a Connector. But it does NOT depend upon anyone reading or responding for me to BE a Connector.

MayBE I am rambling. It's possible. I DO that sometimes. 


Rita said...

Five different numbers? I'm confused.
I know I can turn my cell off whenever I want to and I had Leah set it so that I have no texting alerts during the night...maybe no phone noise at all. Can't remember. I don't answer emails on my phone--just my laptop.
I hope you get things straightened out the way you want them.

Terrie said...

I've been accused of rambling now and then myself - it never feels like rambling to me! :)

While I do have those capabilities on my phone I don't use them all the time and certainly don't understand the compulsion to share every detail of their lives 24/7/365....while I have no secrets (ask me anything, go ahead! :), I don't feel the need to broadcast every thought..... maybe it's a generational thing.