Friday, April 5, 2013

Artist's Play Room #51 ~ Peacock

For me, colouring, just for the sweet sake of colouring, is a Life saver. I discovered this last fall as I was rearranging my plans for DOing Kickin' Arts at  the Delray Beach Center for the Arts this school year. 

I had sort of been drawn-in to the world of Zentangle or simply doodling, and then had been printing out some of my word art words and colouring them. 

That was the AH-HAH moment.

The calming and restorative effect of colouring.

So, when I saw this theme, Peacock, for APR #51, I BEgan to think of how I wanted to approach it. 

I had all sorts of Big Ideas BEfore realising that the key for me is DOing things that are calming, enJOYable, and simply simple, especially as I continue to come back from the attack last month and find pockets where pain is NOT taking over.

This is how I came upon colouring.

I found several colouring pages via Google for peacocks. I actually have a couple of others still to try and a few I tried prior to this one.

Yet this is my choice to share with you.

What was fun was re-drawing it using Vellum and then colouring in bits and parts little by slowly.

Afterwards, in Pixlr Express, I played a bit with the scanned-in version. Here's the result of that exercise...

And another version, inverting the colours but without any further digital fiddling...

It's a simple process, yet mighty effective. Oh, and the colouring page I have used can BE found at There are several other versions as well.

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Paper rainbow said...

Lovely Lovely Lovely Currie! As I mentioned I LOVE peacocks and this is so bright and vibrant. I like the yellow one best. Art is very healing so keep creative. x

Jez said...

Ever since I was a child colouring in (inside the lines, of course) has been a favourite art activity, so relaxing that I go off into another, peaceful world.
I love what you have done here, and both versions are so effective.
I think of you, and hope all is going well - or as we always say, as well as can be expected.