Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Asking Some Questions & Exploring Some Answers

Where DO I Feel My NOT Knowing?

I feel it deep in my heart and you know... it is okay, even wondrous, when it is NOT knowing what I am, honestly, better off NOT knowing.

On the other hand...

Some of my NOT knowing is very difficult and overwhelming.

It can suck the air right out of me.

And bring me to my knees.

Which is, I suppose, a good place to BE at such a time...

How about YOU?!

Where DO YOU feel Your NOT Knowing?!

I am challenging myself to write out loud for the 91 days, 1 April through 30 June 2013. I'm pulling questions out of hats and giving them some room to romp.  If you have a question to share, please email me... silver dot currie at gmail dot com

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