Saturday, April 13, 2013

Am I Willing To Apologise For My Wrong, Even If...?!

I read this question, along with a bunch of other REALLY GOOD questions on my friend Karen Swank's blog post from yesterday.

Somewhere along the way with National Poetry Month I read a prompt about writing a poem entirely of questions.

For whatever reason, reasonable or just Currie-ish, I found myself reading Karen's post and thinking with some other part of my brain.



Am I willing to apologise
And Let Go of your unkindness
[a really nice word for what I think about what you did]
When I know that
You were only operating on information
I gave YOU
The year BEfore
About ME
And what I thought I needed to DO
WE needed to DO?!

Am I willing to apologise for my part
And the oh so much I did
And all that came BEfore
Years and years BEfore
When Life was different
 For Us?!

Willing to apologise
And forgive
[myself, as you haven't asked for mine and...]
To stop writing about this in my head
My much too busy head
Over and over and over again
Even if you never say another 
To Me

Poeming in the middle of a Saturday afternoon is a stretch for me. BEcause I DO my poeming early in the mornings, BEfore my brain is firing on BEing critical and judging whether or NOT I should EVEN let some of my thoughts out in the Light of a day.

But there you go... I am glad to BE a little bolder today.

And to mayBE head some others over to read Karen's blog. She has a way with thoughtsandfeelings and a gift for inspiring me...
 [and others, I have this on good authority]

I am challenging myself to write out loud for the 91 days, 1 April through 30 June 2013. I'm pulling questions out of hats and giving them some room to romp. If you have a question to share, please email me... 
silver dot currie at gmail dot com

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Leovi said...

Beautiful composition creating delicious, lovely shapes and colors ...!