Thursday, April 4, 2013

Asking Some Questions & Exploring Some Answers

How DO I Cover-Up What I Don't Know?

I'd love to tell you I don't. 

That I am completely 100% comfy cozy with letting my ignorance and obliviousness hang on out there. 

That I am NOT buffeted by pride or any of its closest relatives.

But here's the thing... sometimes it is just too darned hard to BE someone who does NOT know BEcause I have that linked up in me as something NEVER EVER to let on about. 



It all started when... 

[nope, I am NOT going to go there ;~D]

I am learning that most people don't know things, too.


Almost 60 years on this planet and I am just NOW learning this.

Mostly I just try to BE really quiet about things and hope that I can sort it out or pick it up, but occasionally I will admit to NOT knowing and let somebody try walking me through to where I can understand.

I'm a little impatient with this sort of thing however. And sometimes that comes out as arrogance, snarkiness, sarcasm, or some rarified combination of all that and a few secret sauces I'm still dragging round from childhood.

Anyway, one of the best things I ever came to know about NOT knowing is that there are NO STUPID QUESTIONS!! 

[although I think there may BE some stupid people who maintain that I would BE completely wrong about this...]

Anyway, I'm learning to let my little light flicker when it won't shine.

I'm willing to look and even to BE foolish.

What about you?!

DO You cover-up when you don't know something?!

Does it make you get a little something-something when you're NOT in the know and wish you WERE?!


I am challenging myself to write out loud for the 91 days, 1 April through 30 June 2013. I'm pulling questions out of hats and giving them some room to romp.  If you have a question to share, please email me... silver dot currie at gmail dot com

1 comment:

Annemor said...

I've stopped to pretend I know, Beacuse there is a lot of things I do non know. If i feel for knowing, I just ask.
All my best whishes for you :)