Saturday, April 6, 2013

Knowing & NOT Knowing ... Is There A Difference?!

I used to think it was important to know stuff. 

To BE "in the know." 

To have a handle on things. 

In fact, when I would go someplace, a new-to-me city, for instance, I'd bury my nose in a map rather than looking around in awe and amazement.

But over the years I have learned to revel in the unknown.

To enJOY NOT knowing and BE enthralled and deLIGHTed by it, too.

My Life and I have changed so much this past year that I no longer prefer Knowing over NOT Knowing. 

Certainty over diving into the depths of the Unknowable.

One year ago today, April 6, 2012, I sold my car and BEgan my New Life as a person without wheels. 

I had no clue, it turns out, what a magical World I was stepping into.

[I even admit to BEing utterly clueless how wondrous that spur of the moment decision to sell my car could possibly BE!!!]

What I thought of as a means to "afford my Life" and "buy me some time" has turned out to BE a magic key.

A Journey that has taken me to the center of JOY, a place where there is no map, where all I CAN DO is BE captivated by awe and amazement.

Life is like this, I know; one thing suggesting another but then it is NOT that at all.

While it's NOT all peaches and cream, and here I refer only to dealing with the public transportation side of my new Life, it is daily awe-inspiring.

I sometimes wish I was still the little girl who could cover miles on her bike, but I'm content to walk. I've nowhere so far to go that the walk isn't a JOY... 

I thought I knew all the trade-offs and good in this, yet clearly I did NOT.

How about YOU?! 

Where DO YOU sit along the Knowing & NOT Knowing spectrum?!

I am challenging myself to write out loud for the 91 days, 1 April through 30 June 2013. I'm pulling questions out of hats and giving them some room to romp. If you have a question to share, please email me... 
silver dot currie at gmail dot com


sharon said...

There are some things I want to know and some things I don't want to know. As I get older, I find I am quite happy not knowing, makes life more interesting and fewer disappointments occur. The more I think about it it is fun not knowing because you are continually surprising yourself. I don't have a car also and I have found that by walking you see more. By catching public transport I have met wonderful people that I would never have met cocooned in a car. Love your art.

Sherri B. said...

What a beautiful collage - such vibrant colors! Being that I'm such a worrier, I tend to want to know...but I wish I could be more like you and embrace NOT knowing! It sounds like a much less stressful way to live. Maybe I'll get there one day - here's hoping. Thanks for sharing your lovely work and thoughts, Currie. :)

Miriam said...

Oh, I missed this post... I'll just say how much I like your collage. x