Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Asking Some Questions & Exploring Some Answers

What Are Some Things I KNOW I Don't Know?!

I don't know if I can enumerate the vastness of what I KNOW I don't know. It is so far BEyond my brain's capability to grasp. 

Which I kind of love!!!

Just saying...

There is so much to NOT know and mayBE come to know or perhaps just continue NOT knowing. 

Or to learn a bite at a time.

Slow learning.

Slow living.

Slow. Slow. Slow.

I KNOW I don't know what I am going to write when I sit down to write. I never DO. Even when I think I DO. I don't. That astonishes me all the time.

I KNOW I don't know why I am as blessed as I am, as I have been. I'm all the time trying to wrap my brain round that pack of giraffes.

I KNOW I don't know why the "bad" things that happen to me usually turn out to BE gifts that seem personally selected for by me.

I KNOW I don't know why having a disability is generally assumed to BE less than ideal when for me it has dotted my i's and crossed my t's at long last.

I KNOW I don't know how many more days I will live this Life so I intend to enJOY each one as though it were my first and my last.

I KNOW I don't know how I learned to live like that. This.

I'm just very glad I did.

What about YOU?!

What DO you KNOW you don't know and what is that like for you?!

I am challenging myself to write out loud for the 91 days, 1 April through 30 June 2013. I'm pulling questions out of hats and giving them some room to romp.  If you have a question to share, please email me... silver dot currie at gmail dot com


Kim Stevens said...

I love this writing out loud thing . . . what do I know? I know too, that I don't know when I started living slower, fuller, more purposeful either, but I rather like it.

I also know that the blogging community is so full of incredible women who support each other when they need it!! xo

Unknown said...

I know I don't know what will happen tomorrow. I know I don't know what will happen in an hour, a minute, in a second. I do know I have this moment to live my moment as best as I can. For someone who believed I had to control every single moment, hour, day, year.....I am grateful for my new outlook that this moment is what I have.